The Tools Used in Professional Surveying

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When you own a land or property that needs to be inspected, particularly its boundaries and current status, it only means you need the services of a professional read more here firm to do the job as accurately as possible. Although some people think surveying is a pretty simple task, the very reason why surveying firms exist in the first place is because it’s not as easy as it appears.
As for the property owner like you, it makes a lot of sense to hire a professional firm because they not only have the skills and manpower, they also come equipped with the right tools to conduct whatever type of survey you’re in need of for your property; this usually includes simply boundary survey or more complex surveys such as telecom or environmental surveys. And yes, there in fact is a need to use high-end and advanced tools and equipment, some of them are explained below:
>> Total Station: One of the most important surveying supplies is the total station. Only a professional trimble surveying firm is trained to use this traditional yet very reliable equipment. By definition, it’s an electronic theodolite equipped with an EDM to measure electronic distance and to read the distances of slopes. Today, there are some highly sophisticated total stations that are already integrated with robotics technology designed to allow surveyors to remotely control them at a distance. Due to this advancement in technology, firms no longer need many assistants in a typical land survey.
>> GPS: A global positioning system is an indispensable part of a land surveying firm’s kit. It is by far the most accurate navigation system that exists, and it’s all because it uses satellite signals to figure out locations on the surface of the planet. What makes GPS a very important device is the fact that it can figure out locations without having to worry about weather. For land surveying purposes, GPS is used for mapping and locating boundaries. Thanks to GPS tools, land surveyors conveniently can determine both latitude and longitude positions without doing the usual burdensome job of measuring angles and distances between points.
>> 3D Laser Scanners: Finally, there’s another tool, although not all surveying firms have access to it, that’s slowly overtaking GPS as the most accurate tool for land surveying and it’s called a high-definition 3D laser scanner. It is used for re-evaluating property or land for various purposes like renovation, remodeling, or even destruction. Laser scanning can also be used for damage and condition assessment as well as deformation analysis.

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